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Raised Panels

Making raised panels for room doors, cabinet doors, or wall pan-eling will be easy with a fixture that you can use with your table saw.

The fixture straddles the rip fence and will hold your stock securely as you cut the bevels for your panel.

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Figure 4-22. Construction dtails of the raised panel fixture. Click on image for larger view.

Make the fixture (Figure 4-22) by first cutting all parts to size. Drill the adjustable clamp holes where shown 2" apart. Use glue and screws to assemble all parts except the clamping strip. Glue fine-grit sandpaper onto the face of the fixture. Note: This fixture can double as a tenoning fixture. Insert the workpiece against the back-up strip and cut a tenon on the end of the workpiece.

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Figure 4-23. To use the raised panel fixture, tilt the table 5° to 15°. Place your stock in the fixture, secrue the mounting screws as close to the panel as possible.

To use the fixture, tilt the table 5° to 15°--the greater the tilt, the narrower the bevel. Use a carbide-tipped blade for a smoother cut. Place your stock in the fixture, put the clamping bolts as close to the panel as possible, and tighten the wing nuts. The sandpaper will also help keep the panel in place. Position the rip fence on the right side of the blade. Set table height so the inside edge of the blade penetrates through the stock (Figure 4-23). Turn off the machine after each pass and reset the panel in the fixture to cut each side of the panel.

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